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WHEN SOAP is not worse than the "mirror"? MYTHS ABOUT PROFESSIONAL CAMERAS
Why are newly-minded owners of SLR cameras * who do not have the necessary skills in handling photographic equipment, are disappointed in the results they see on the monitor? Why…

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Are you curious how real photographers manage so cleverly to notice the sincere emotions of a family? What do they say to their heroes, how do they cope with difficulties,…

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Genre photos.

Astrophotography is a popular, but very expensive photography genre, in which not many masters can afford to work. The essence of the genre is to shoot astronomical objects in outer space. Astrophotography is mainly used for scientific research and is very popular among scientists and astronomers. Astrophotography photographers photograph stars, nebulae, planets. The most “simple” object of shooting is the moon. Even the masters who do not possess supernatural equipment can take pictures of the moon, for this there will be a sufficiently powerful telephoto lens and superzoom.
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Types of photos

The first photograph was taken in 1822, and since then photography has firmly entered our life, finding application in various areas of human life. Since the first picture appeared, the photograph, and the process of its creation, have received significant development. Various types of photographs and their genres are used in scientific and applied human activities, artistic and publicistic.
A bit of history
Returning to the history of the appearance of the photograph, it is impossible not to mention that the oldest of the surviving images was subsidized in 1826 and was made by J. Niepce. The process of exposure at that time lasted more than 8 hours. Continue reading

Restoration of photos – save the memory for many years!

Each family has an old album with different photos. The pictures show not only people who are interested in watching, but also the whole history of the human race. Old photographs contain bits of heritage and memory. With the help of them, you can feel the connection with relatives who are not around right now. Even if the pictures are spoiled, they are never thrown away. It is a pity to realize, but the life course of each photo can not be eternal. Time passes, your favorite photos change color, their corners split off or they deteriorate altogether.
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Modern types of photos

No artist has ever worked at once in all genres. So now, a rare photographer dares to take pictures of nature, cityscapes, people, animals, insects, and sporting events at the same time. Shooting for yourself is quite possible. But the sale of such photographs or their exhibition is then not carried out. Qualitatively shoot at once in a variety of genres is impossible. This picture is very similar to the creation of paintings.
By the number of genres, visual arts are inferior to modern photography. The jump happened just a couple of decades ago. There was a huge number of lenses and cameras with new features. Wide-angle optics allows you to look at the actions of man and his creation from a previously unseen angle. Macro lenses made it possible for photographers to capture any insect in detail. Long shutter speeds and means of correcting the daily rotation of the Earth make it possible to obtain very beautiful images of the starry sky. Widespread and shooting self-portraits. Continue reading

Photo Basics

This course will help camera owners to deal with camera buttons, leave the “AUTO” mode in the past and learn how to shoot in difficult lighting conditions. And those who do not have a camera yet, will give the necessary criteria for the informed choice of a tool.
In our experience, 6 people out of 10 will not read the instructions for the camera. It takes a lot of time, and so little. Moreover, the instructions do not ask a question if something is not clear. And 7 people out of 10 – just delete photos that did not work out and will not look for the reasons for the “failure”. After all, a memory card holds gigabytes of pictures. Easier to reshot in automatic mode. But then the camera makes decisions for the photographer. And about any creativity, in such circumstances, we are no longer talking.
The course “Fundamentals of Photography” teaches you to shoot consciously. This is when the person who shoots can explain why the photo looks like it looks. Continue reading

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