One of the best things about night photography is how much it says goodbye — you don't need special weather conditions to create truly beautiful images. Night and city lights…

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25 Tips for taking perfect landscape photos
Although at first glance landscape photography may seem very simple, in fact it is much more than “point the camera - click the shutter”. The purpose of landscape photography is…

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His reportage portfolio

WHEN SOAP is not worse than the “mirror”? MYTHS ABOUT PROFESSIONAL CAMERAS

Why are newly-minded owners of SLR cameras * who do not have the necessary skills in handling photographic equipment, are disappointed in the results they see on the monitor? Why are photographers so indignant when, when meeting with clients, first of all they hear “What camera do you have?” With this rhetorical note we will begin to dethrone the myths about SLR cameras.
Myth 1. A SLR camera anyone can take a photographic masterpiece.
Not true. The masterpiece can also be removed with a standard digital soap dish **, and it will surpass the many technically perfect photos taken by the SLR. The superiority of the masterpiece will be in the plot, and not in technical quality, and this will contribute to the skill of the photographer or great luck. Thus, if you rarely pick up a camera or have recently met with photo art, you should not expect the magic of the appearance of a large number of good photos from buying a professional camera.
There will be more good photos only if you regularly take pictures and get relevant knowledge about the technical and creative aspects of photography from books, courses or the Internet.
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Every week I receive dozens of letters from people from all over the world. My readers are asking how to become a photo reporter. This is a very difficult question, and there is no definite answer to it. There is only one universal way to become a photojournalist – to act here and now. Nevertheless, I understand the curiosity of many beginning photographers, because the work of the reporter is often shrouded in mystery. People ask where it is better to study photojournalism – at university or on courses, or immediately join the ranks of reporters and create a portfolio? Who is better to work with – with a photo agency or Internet service? Where to begin? What to do? Is it possible? How long will it take? How much money does it take to become a photo reporter? Continue reading


Richard Avedon (1923-2004) is an American master of fashion photography. At least, many modern photographers think so, looking at his work. In fact, besides the fashion style that Avedon really loved, the photographer was very appreciative of the artistic picture as a whole, considering it a real vocation.
In his portfolio, with which we will meet today, there are works of various genres, from a staging portrait for the fashion industry to street reportage.
Richard Avedon’s first experience in the fashion industry is very revealing. As a young photographer who recently filmed a soldier for documents, Richard was able to persuade the fashion store manager to rent outfits for him, and he spent all his savings to hire a professional fashion model. His work so impressed with the administration of the store that Avedon received a contract and was able to do what he liked.
Look at the work of most modern fashion photographers – only a few of them stand out in a unique style. The rest repeat all the same gestures, the same composition, the same characteristic tendencies, due to which the names of their authors are not even remembered. Continue reading

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