Modern types of photos
No artist has ever worked at once in all genres. So now, a rare photographer dares to take pictures of nature, cityscapes, people, animals, insects, and sporting events at the…

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Genre photos.
Astrophotography is a popular, but very expensive photography genre, in which not many masters can afford to work. The essence of the genre is to shoot astronomical objects in outer…

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claiming that he was


Truly wonderful pictures of drops Vladimir Nefedov. Infinitely different forms and images in cosmic natural etudes. Plunging into the “Universe of a drop” of the author, for a moment you do not even believe that such a thing can be captured with the camera. How does a photographer manage this? The photographer told the readers of the “Become a Photographer!” Project as part of an interview about shooting technologies and the nature of fabulous drops.
First, a little about the history of the series “The Universe of Drops” and the author himself. Vladimir Nefedov is a professional photographer with many years of experience. His portfolio includes hundreds of high-quality and photographically perfect advertising works of various subjects, from photography of shoes and interiors to photos of jewelry, from wonderful creative compositional sketches from plain paper to photo-studies from reality surrounding us. In these works, both creative and photographed to order, the author’s true love for his work is felt. Continue reading


As you may have guessed, I often visit photosites and I am constantly looking for authors from whom I can learn something. Last week in the next such search I found a still life similar to Pushkin’s poem:
And immediately decided to get acquainted with its author. The works of the photographer Alina Lankina are good not only with competent lighting, composition and a skillful combination of color shades – although this is striking first of all. The still lifes of this author are amazing because they “sound”. Poetry and classical music.
Not surprisingly, Alina, moreover, turned out to be an open and benevolent girl. 🙂 She agreed to share a bit of her skill, and today I am happy to publish our interview with her.
How does the image of a new still life originate? Do you think it over in details before creating, or do you improvise while shooting? Continue reading


Richard Avedon (1923-2004) is an American master of fashion photography. At least, many modern photographers think so, looking at his work. In fact, besides the fashion style that Avedon really loved, the photographer was very appreciative of the artistic picture as a whole, considering it a real vocation.
In his portfolio, with which we will meet today, there are works of various genres, from a staging portrait for the fashion industry to street reportage.
Richard Avedon’s first experience in the fashion industry is very revealing. As a young photographer who recently filmed a soldier for documents, Richard was able to persuade the fashion store manager to rent outfits for him, and he spent all his savings to hire a professional fashion model. His work so impressed with the administration of the store that Avedon received a contract and was able to do what he liked.
Look at the work of most modern fashion photographers – only a few of them stand out in a unique style. The rest repeat all the same gestures, the same composition, the same characteristic tendencies, due to which the names of their authors are not even remembered. Continue reading

Most of us look at the world with two eyes. But whenever a person takes a picture, one of them closes. Maybe we should stop this practice forever? With a…


5 reasons to buy an ultra wide lens
Super wide-angle lenses are a very specific class of optics, with their own features and fields of application. The effect they create is very difficult to replicate with other lenses…


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