In order not to occupy disk space and load the system, I do not install some programs on my laptop, including Photoshop. An intelligent color correction on a laptop monitor…

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Tips for creating a female portrait
What type of portrait to choose, in what format is better to shoot, how to reveal the best in the model and what to focus on. Why are some people…

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light is scattered


Street and fashion photography are practically the most sought-after and popular art trends in the twentieth century. Many famous photographers worked in these genres. One of them is William Klein. He ranks 25th on the list of the hundred most influential professional photographers.
Klein was born in 1928 in the USA. But despite American roots, his work and many years of his life are closely connected with Europe, where he moved after the Second World War.
At a young age, William became a student at one of the New York colleges, where he studied sociology. Since the beginning of the Second World War, he was drafted into the army, took part in hostilities in the French and German territories.
Klein received a specialized education at the Sorbonne. As a specialization, he chose painting and sculpture. At the same time he began to be interested in photographic art, however, at that time he did not consider this hobby something serious. In the words of William Klein himself, photography is just a “maid of painting”, but in no way an independent direction that deserves full value. Continue reading


Truly wonderful pictures of drops Vladimir Nefedov. Infinitely different forms and images in cosmic natural etudes. Plunging into the “Universe of a drop” of the author, for a moment you do not even believe that such a thing can be captured with the camera. How does a photographer manage this? The photographer told the readers of the “Become a Photographer!” Project as part of an interview about shooting technologies and the nature of fabulous drops.
First, a little about the history of the series “The Universe of Drops” and the author himself. Vladimir Nefedov is a professional photographer with many years of experience. His portfolio includes hundreds of high-quality and photographically perfect advertising works of various subjects, from photography of shoes and interiors to photos of jewelry, from wonderful creative compositional sketches from plain paper to photo-studies from reality surrounding us. In these works, both creative and photographed to order, the author’s true love for his work is felt. Continue reading


Today I want to introduce you to the photo artist from Australia, Bill Gekas and his works. Bill works in the genre of art portrait, and, along with photos, will share some of the secrets of his skill. Bill’s photos and information about him can be viewed on the official website of the author.
Portrait photography has always been your main focus? If not, why are you paying so much attention to her today?
Portrait has become my main genre since 2005, since I decided to buy a camera with a digital matrix to replace the film camera. Up to a certain point I shot a little of everything, but once I was very inspired by the works of famous masters of portrait photography. I realized that the people in these photos, though unfamiliar to me, are very dear to me. Having absorbed the surrealism of these works, I realized that I would shoot portraits with an artistic approach, combining in them elements of the historical heritage, beautiful light and the special emotions of people being photographed.
Your new works have a very peculiar style. I will not refer to other photographers, but rather I will ask, how do you define it yourself? Continue reading

How to find your creative style with “Split Toning”
In my opinion, the most underrated tool of Lightroom is “Separate Tinting”. Meanwhile, this is not only a great opportunity to correct many problems in a photograph, but also a…


10 steps to shooting a portrait, the experience of Elena Lucan
1. The need to shoot new Every day I think about how I shoot, what I shoot, and especially about how I haven't shot yet. I am inspired by artists,…


This site has already had a series of articles about the experience of foreign wedding photographers, but, of course, these interviews do not fully describe the photographer from the post-Soviet…