Impossible is possible - dynamic portraits from the ambassador Canon Samo Vidic
Ambassador Canon Samo Vidic is a professional sports photographer who shoots the stars of world sport for famous publications and brands, demonstrating his excellent physical shape and skill of famous…

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Steve McCurry (Steve McCurry) - one of the best photographers in the world, a recognized reporter, master of color and composition. As a reportage photographer, he adheres to the tactics…

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perfect harmony between


Henri Cartier-Bresson – one of the most famous photographers in history. He is a co-founder of Magnum’s photo agency, which brilliantly captured not only events, but also the spirit of the 20th century. The life of the photographer was filled with adventures and excitement, which were reflected in the very essence of his work, so loved by us. Photos by Henri-Cartier Bresson and detailed information about him can also be viewed in another article on this site by clicking on the link.
How can you learn from the maestro better photograph? Here are the seven fundamental principles of the work of the great Henri Cartier-Bresson.
1. Be in the thick of things
Almost immediately after Henri Cartier-Bresson discovered photography in the 20s of the last century, he set out to explore new places and be in the center of the most important events. The curiosity of the photographer and the natural curiosity were for him a single concept.
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This site has already had a series of articles about the experience of foreign wedding photographers, but, of course, these interviews do not fully describe the photographer from the post-Soviet space. That is why in the new interview cycle we will talk with those who are closer to us – with Russian wedding photographers, and find out how they achieved success.
I open this cycle by publishing interviews with a wonderful, friendly and open-to-talk person – professional photographer Olga Filonova.
It all started with an accident – instead of a broken soap box, I was loaned to a friend’s wedding, I liked a couple of pictures from me more than from a hired pro – and then I thought about purchasing such a camera for myself. Honestly, I took flowers and cats for about six months, until a friend (wedding photographer) suggested I take off the wedding. Continue reading


Do you understand that the most important thing in photography is your own unique vision? Then this article will undoubtedly be useful to you.
A bit of background
Magnum Agency is famous for gathering in its ranks dozens of talented documentary and creative photographers, people who certainly have something to learn.
This article will contain quotes and illustrations from the book Magnum Contact Sheets, accompanied by some conclusions of the author of the original of this article, the street photographer Eric Kim, about photography. Regardless of how much your views coincide with what is described here, this material will help you draw your own conclusions.
A contact sheet is a series of consecutive frames printed directly from a film. He talks a lot about the unique workflow of a particular photographer, allows him to follow his approach to a particular scene, starting with the first frame that the photographer took when he saw it. Continue reading

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