Today, my guest is a wonderful photographer Alexander Sennikov, who will please us with emotional and expressive still lifes. Looking at his work, you involuntarily feel a desire to embark…

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25 Tips for taking perfect landscape photos
Although at first glance landscape photography may seem very simple, in fact it is much more than “point the camera - click the shutter”. The purpose of landscape photography is…

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Tips for creating a female portrait

What type of portrait to choose, in what format is better to shoot, how to reveal the best in the model and what to focus on.
Why are some people considered photogenic and others not? And how can a photographer, especially a beginner, get around this concept and make portraits that are pleasing to the eye, delight your model and tell your story?
Any genre of photography requires practice. For portrait shooting, especially shooting female portraits, you need to be able to not only choose the right equipment and camera settings – although this, of course, is very important. The second part of the case is the ability to see and show the character of the model, convey the mood, use details and build a story.
As for photogenicity, it’s not how people look in the photo, but how they feel and lead in front of the camera. And the task of the photographer is to break down the barriers, to help the model feel confident, and then to find angles, poses and lights that will hide the flaws and emphasize the dignity and strengths of the person. Continue reading


Truly wonderful pictures of drops Vladimir Nefedov. Infinitely different forms and images in cosmic natural etudes. Plunging into the “Universe of a drop” of the author, for a moment you do not even believe that such a thing can be captured with the camera. How does a photographer manage this? The photographer told the readers of the “Become a Photographer!” Project as part of an interview about shooting technologies and the nature of fabulous drops.
First, a little about the history of the series “The Universe of Drops” and the author himself. Vladimir Nefedov is a professional photographer with many years of experience. His portfolio includes hundreds of high-quality and photographically perfect advertising works of various subjects, from photography of shoes and interiors to photos of jewelry, from wonderful creative compositional sketches from plain paper to photo-studies from reality surrounding us. In these works, both creative and photographed to order, the author’s true love for his work is felt. Continue reading


Analyzing the work of this contemporary Spanish photographer, critics often use the term “visual poetry,” which takes us far beyond the usual perception of photography.
Even a quick glance at the work of this author forces the viewer to stop the usual circle of thoughts. After all, ordinary things: matches, books, paper, scissors and other household items – in the photographs of Chema Madoz (Chema Madoz) acquire unusual, abstract meanings.
Each of its strict black-and-white photographs, consisting of well-adjusted lines that do not have more than one detail, opens up a new look at familiar objects, forcing you to smile, think, or just see the world differently.
If you take a closer look at the images of Chema Madoz, it’s hard not to notice the surrealistic origins of these images. The author “plays” with the things in the pictures just as in the mid-20th century the famous artist Rene Magritte did this, offering the viewer riddles like, images of a tube with the words “This is not a tube”. Continue reading

Modern types of photos
No artist has ever worked at once in all genres. So now, a rare photographer dares to take pictures of nature, cityscapes, people, animals, insects, and sporting events at the…


Photography of classical or modern architecture is a serious challenge. However, the forces spent on shooting buildings and urban historical sights are worth what the photographer most often gets. Here…


5 reasons to buy an ultra wide lens
Super wide-angle lenses are a very specific class of optics, with their own features and fields of application. The effect they create is very difficult to replicate with other lenses…