Modern types of photos
No artist has ever worked at once in all genres. So now, a rare photographer dares to take pictures of nature, cityscapes, people, animals, insects, and sporting events at the…

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Modern types of photos

No artist has ever worked at once in all genres. So now, a rare photographer dares to take pictures of nature, cityscapes, people, animals, insects, and sporting events at the same time. Shooting for yourself is quite possible. But the sale of such photographs or their exhibition is then not carried out. Qualitatively shoot at once in a variety of genres is impossible. This picture is very similar to the creation of paintings.
By the number of genres, visual arts are inferior to modern photography. The jump happened just a couple of decades ago. There was a huge number of lenses and cameras with new features. Wide-angle optics allows you to look at the actions of man and his creation from a previously unseen angle. Macro lenses made it possible for photographers to capture any insect in detail. Long shutter speeds and means of correcting the daily rotation of the Earth make it possible to obtain very beautiful images of the starry sky. Widespread and shooting self-portraits.
With the advent of new types of photographs, the comparison with visual arts is becoming less and less common. The situation was different throughout most of the last century. Portraits were the most popular at the time. Now remember the most famous European picture. This is “Mona Lisa”, it also belongs to this genre. At the end of the XIX century, artists were afraid that photography would quickly crowd out painting. This was explained by the fact that among the photographers there was a widespread shooting in just two genres (portrait and landscape). Artists also worked most often with them. By writing a portrait of a rich man, a craftsman could earn money. In the photo began to see a competitor. Artists had to grumble and begin to create their masterpieces in other genres.
Types of artistic photography
Now everyone understands that the picture is very far from painting. If it is an art, it is not at all what comes from the hands of artists. We prefer to hang a picture on the wall, rather than a photograph (although the opposite examples happen more often).
It is impossible to count all kinds of photos. Digital cameras have become available to almost anyone. Billions of people create their own images. Of this amount, a certain number of frames will necessarily be identified, which can be attributed to several genres. And some creative people make such unusual shots that base themselves a new genre.
The first pictures are divided into artistic and reportage. With the first type, everything is clear, it exists for a very long time. Photographers have always been very keen to create a masterpiece from a photo. There are many types of artistic photography. The first to come to mind is a portrait. One hundred years ago, people dressed up in very nice clothes for photographing. The process itself took place in a room with an attractive interior or on the street. All this automatically made the photo artistic. Create a frame and add other decorations to the picture learned later. The jump in this area happened with the invention of digital cameras and the development of computer power.
Now it is not difficult to process the image in “Photoshop” or any other graphic editor. This allows you to change the colors, change the background, apply different effects and perform other actions. Art photography has reached a new level.
For artistic photography can be attributed, and landscapes. Recently, such frames are also processed in computer programs. This allows you to increase the saturation of colors and fix some flaws. Such photos are nice to the eye. Cityscapes are also very popular. You have often seen them on postcards and magnets. You can get an unusual art photo without the use of Photoshop; you only need some kind of non-standard light filter.
Reportage photography in its pure form is very common. In the past century, only journalists working in newspapers and on television were engaged in it. With the development of the Internet and digital cameras, various bloggers began to make photo reports. Previously, to shoot an event, it was necessary to find out about it in advance, to prepare and arrive at the scene of action. In our time, no preparation is required. Even large SLR cameras are ready to work at any time. No film refill or further development of the image is required. Now received photos are sent to the Internet almost instantly. This flooded the Network with a huge number of reportage photos.
Types of forensic photography and judicial
There are also subgenres of such images. Even in the 70s of the last century, it was decided to use cameras to register evidence and crime scenes. This helped law enforcement agencies investigate such cases. So there were different types of forensic photography. Nowadays, no criminal case is complete without this. The police facilitated life development of photographic equipment. The investigation does not need multi-pixel high-quality images.

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