Modern types of photos
No artist has ever worked at once in all genres. So now, a rare photographer dares to take pictures of nature, cityscapes, people, animals, insects, and sporting events at the…

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Genre photos.
Astrophotography is a popular, but very expensive photography genre, in which not many masters can afford to work. The essence of the genre is to shoot astronomical objects in outer…

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interesting for detailed consideration


Steve McCurry (Steve McCurry) – one of the best photographers in the world, a recognized reporter, master of color and composition. As a reportage photographer, he adheres to the tactics of waiting. According to Steve, “if you wait, people will forget about the camera in your hands and reveal the soul.”
Steve has won numerous international awards, including the most prestigious in a photographic environment, such as the World Press Photo and Robert Capa’s Gold Medal. Not a single major edition of the world has done without McCurry’s photographs, and today his portrait and reportage works are considered the best story about life in conflict zones (Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, etc.).
Interesting facts from Steve McCurry’s biography:
In his youth, McCarry planned to enter the cinematography department, but eventually he graduated from the university with a degree in theatrical art. Continue reading


Of course, a modern person, even very superficially familiar with photo art, cannot be surprised with a classic “photo portrait in the interior.” But, as you know, any classic was once a modern, like the genre of “environmental portraiture”, which originated in the name of Arnold Newman.
In the middle of the twentieth century, during the period when A. Newman lived and worked, this genre was an innovation. A photographic portrait of the twentieth century is a rather faceless set of standard poses and angles that depict people regardless of their lifestyle and personal qualities.
The artistic vision of A. Newman caught this flaw by suggesting ways to solve the problem, which later formed the basis of his work. The photographer decided to shoot in a different way, to make portraits so that the image becomes a mini-biography, psychological portrait, describing both personal qualities and the atmosphere of a person’s life. This idea was introduced by a photographer from a painting, where the technique has been used for a long time. Continue reading


Photography is a very many-sided art form, which includes not only portraits, reporting and landscape. There are different directions in photography, not only in the professional, but also in the amateur field. That is what will be discussed in our next series of articles.
The peculiarity of this direction in photography is that the main part of the reporter’s niche is occupied by professionals. The main purpose of a reporter photographer is to convey the mood and integrity of the whole event in one photo.
Another task of photojournalism is to tell about the facts without the subjective opinion of the photographer. Continue reading

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